The Tactical Resilience™ & Ethical Policing Project

Tactical Resilience

Tactical Resilience™ is a human quality of intentional strength and fitness exhibited through the mind, body, brain and spirit of a law enforcement professional that allows them to withstand the rigors and hidden emotional, physical, spiritual and physiological dangers of continuous high threat, high stress situations.

This program is part of a joint effort between the Centers for Tactical Resilience™ and Ethical Policing, The Law Enforcement Survival Institute and to provide research and education to promote excellence in law enforcement.

We believe Tactical Resilience™ and ethical policing practices can remedy many of the issues confronting law enforcement officials around the globe.  
We have started a national initiative to promote the conditioning of strong, healthy and resilient officers called the Tactical Resilience™ & Ethical Policing Project which will be held in several major cities around the country.


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