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Our on-site “Building Tactical Resilience™ & Ethical Policing” seminar is a two or three day training session designed to build resilience and ethical policing practices into your agency and your personnel.  The challenge facing the future of our law enforcement profession centers not around the question of how our officers are dying but, rather more importantly, how are they suffering?

This is the only seminar of its kind that doesn’t just talk about the problems facing law enforcement, but actually teaches resilience tactics that can be utilized immediately.

This program provides a new paradigm about how to train and support law enforcement personnel so that they are tactically resilient and possess the strength of character to exemplify the traits of excellence, compassion, integrity and service.  Building healthy, strong and more resilient law enforcement officers also builds a stronger, healthier and more resilient community.

The course sessions will include tactics to build essential habits in the areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength and development.  Tactical Resilience™ is the human quality of intentional strength and fitness exhibited through the mind, body, brain and spirit of a police officer that allows the officer to withstand the rigors and dangers of high-stress situations.  A tactically resilient officer is physically powerful, emotionally robust, mentally clear and spiritually whole.  Moreover, a tactically resilient officer is capable of hearing a message of ethical responsibility; such an officer is capable of reaffirming his or her commitment to the ideals of policing with honesty, tolerance, respect, compassion and integrity.  For this program we have researched successful people in like-minded and similarly stressed occupations (military, high performance athletes, etc.) and developed a framework of mental toughness techniques that lead to optimal performance, heightened operational readiness and can mitigate many of the negative psychological effects of a career in law enforcement.  Additionally, ethics is much more than a set of rules and regulations, and ethics training is much more than the dry recitation of them.  Ethical decision-making is a perishable skill that, like all such skills, needs always to be replenished.  Good people are capable of making bad decisions for the best of reasons.  This program presents the spiritual foundations of good decision-making and gives officers the principles and instincts they need to ensure they maintain their moral clarity and ethical integrity.  This program is suitable for officers, civilian employees and even family members of those law enforcement professionals.

In This Course Participants Will Learn:
    * The 9 Critical Protective Factors that build Tactical Resilience™
    * Emotional Combat Survival Techniques
    * How to Armor Your Self™ Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually
    * How to Armor Your Agency™ by creating health and wellness support programs
    * How to develop Your Own Emotional Combat Survival Techniques
    * How to build a strong organizational culture of wellness with True Blue Valor™
    * How to build mental toughness and maintain your operational readiness
    * That ethical decision-making is a perishable skill
    * That ethical decision-making skills always need to to be nurtured and replenished
    * That good people are capable of making bad decisions for the best of reasons
    * How to supporting our officers and their families
    * That ethical decision-making is applied spirituality
    * About the spiritual foundations of good decision-making
    * 7 Core Concepts for Stress Reduction

The instructors for this course are:

John Marx, CPP, Executive Director

John Marx is the Executive Director of The Law Enforcement Survival Institute (LESI) and founder of CopsAlive.com. He is the author of the book Armor Your Self™: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement. He has created LESI’s primary training programs: Armor Your Self™, Armor Your Agency™, and True Blue Valor™. John was a police officer for twenty-three years and served as a hostage negotiator for nineteen of those years. He worked as a patrol officer, media liaison officer, crime prevention officer and burglary detective. John also served as administrator of his city’s Community Oriented Governance Initiative through the police department’s community policing project. In addition to his work with law enforcement John also provides training in the leadership development programs of several Fortune 100 companies.

Eric Potterat, Ph.D., Human Performance Psychologist

Eric Potterat, Ph.D. is a human performance psychologist and retired Commander from the U.S. Navy where he served as the Force Psychologist for the U.S. Navy SEALs. As the Head Psychologist, he provided, supervised and managed the assessment and selection programs, mental training, mental toughness and performance psychology training, clinical care, operational readiness/ resilience training and neurocognitive evaluation programs for all the active duty personnel across the NSW Force world- wide. In addition, he is an Associate Member of OPTIBRAIN, the Center for Optimization of Brain Resources to Improve Performance. OPTIBRAIN is a joint consortium (UCSD and NHRC) focusing on researching the brain systems, neural mechanisms and cognitive processes that characterize optimal performance in extreme environments. He is considered one of the leading experts in individual and organizational resilience and performance enhancement in high-risk operational occupations.

Cary A. Friedman, Chaplain
Chaplain Cary A. Friedman is a consultant and trainer on matters of stress-management and ethical decision-making for the law enforcement community. A hospital, prison, and police chaplain, he began consulting to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit in Quantico, VA in 2001, and contributed to the design of the Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement course for the FBI’s National Academy. Chaplain Friedman is the author of six books, including Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement and Wisdom From The Batcave. He has provided training at the FBI Academy, the FBI Training Network, International Conference of Police Chaplains, TX Department of Public Safety, CT Department of Public Safety, and appeared on the History Channel.

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